How to Remove Candle Wax From Fabric? [A Complete Guide]

candle wax melting on a transparent plate

Candles have always been associated with romance and beauty and are helpful in situations without access to power. Kids are clunky so they can stain fabrics with candle wax. Adults can also stain fabrics when taking candles from one place to another.

The candle wax can leave behind oil, wax, or color, all needing specialized treatment to be removed from the fabric. But don’t worry; candle wax stains can be easily removed from the fabric.

Cleaning Overview

Working Time:  30 minutes
Total Time:  10 hours
Skills Required:  Beginner
Estimated Cost:  USD 10-40

What Will You Need


  1. Ice cubes
  2. Heavy-duty detergent or enzyme-based stain remover
  3. Oxygen bleach
  4. White paper towels


  1. A dull knife, spoon, or credit card
  2. Iron
  3. Soft-bristled brush (optional)
  4. Washer and dryer

How to Remove Candle Wax From Fabric?

Step 1: Let The Wax Dry Out

When wax drips or splatters, put an ice cube on the spot to freeze it if it hasn’t already hardened. Please don’t put the ice on the fabric itself. It would be best if you didn’t try to get rid of hot wax because you’ll probably push it deeper into the fabric.

apply ice cube to wax stain

Step 2: Scrape The Excess Wax

When the wax is hardened, gently lift it off the fabric with a dull kitchen knife with the edge of a credit card or your fingernail. You should treat the spot, even if the wax is no longer on the surface. Besides natural beeswax, most wax is made from petroleum products, and a colored candle may leave some oil or dye on the fabric.

scrape nail polish with credit card

Step 3: Remove the Recedues With Heat

Put four white paper towels over the stain to remove any still wax. Press the area with a warm iron (not a hot one). The wax in the fibers will melt, and the paper towels will soak up the oily stain.

Repeat step 3 until no more wax is transferred to the white paper towel.

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remove wax stain with iron

Step 4: Remove Wax Color Stains With Bleach or Color Remover

If the wax is colored, it will almost certainly stain your fabrics. If that’s the case, mix some water and an oxygen-based stain remover in a bowl and let the stain soak in it for a few hours. This should get rid of any stains that are still on the fabric.

using bleach to clean wax stain

Step 5: Soak and Wash

At this point, getting rid of the wax stain should be almost done. Lastly, wash the fabric in the washing machine or by hand if that’s better.

operating automatic washing machine
  • Can candle wax ruin clothes?

    Candles may have a pleasant odor and attractive appearance but can leave nasty stains on clothing.

  • Does rubbing alcohol remove wax?

    The oily, waxy stain may be removed by dabbing it with a cotton swab, nail polish remover, or rubbing alcohol. Continue doing so until the stain is gone.


To remove candle wax from the fabric, follow these steps: 1. Freeze the wax with ice cubes. 2. Scrape off the hardened wax gently. 3. Place a paper towel over the remaining wax. 4. Iron over the paper towel to transfer the wax. 5. Apply a stain remover and launder as usual.

Following easy-to-follow steps should help you remove candle wax stains from your fabrics. Also, fix these stains as soon as possible to stop mold from growing in the fabrics. The older the stain gets, the harder it will become to remove it.

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